Interview with Spriggle’s Jeff Gottlieb

This month’s “Meet The Peeps” from my monthly Positive Pathways Newsletter is Jeff Gottlieb.  I was very fortunate to meet Jeff Gottlieb several weeks ago.  He and his wife have written several inspirational children’s books called, Spriggles.  Spriggles is actually a combination of spirit and giggles.  Now how cool is that? 
Jeff is an ACE-certified personal trainer, Level 1 Yoga instructor, and certified golf conditioning specialist, has been a writer for 20 years, having concentrated on film and television. He’s now turned his attention to writing the Spriggles Motivational Book Series as well as developing future Spriggles projects for film, television, and video.

Here’s my short interview with Jeff:

Bill: What type of work are you doing today?
Jeff: We are the authors and publishers of Spriggles Motivational Books for Children.  Spriggles combines “spirit” and “giggles” to motivate and educate young children to lead healthy, active, and energetic lives.
Spriggles is a part of our larger business, Expressions of Health.

Bill: How would you explain the following phrase: “What you think about you bring about?”
Jeff: We are huge advocates of the concepts of manifestation, visualization, and setting intentions as the course for what we attain in life.  As the laws of quantum physics tell us that we are nothing more than physical manifestations of assorted energy fields, it only makes sense that as we learn to control those fields with intention and visualization, we can bring about what we want to bring about.  In our lives as certified yoga, reiki, and reflexology practitioners, these concepts are vital to us as well as to our clients.

Bill: If you could go back and talk to your 18 year old self, what would you tell him?
Jeff: I would tell him, “You don’t know a fraction of what you think you do.”  At that age I knew it all and had little room for the advice of parents and others who had the benefit of experience. And I might also say, “Start your IRA NOW!”

Bill: What do you want people to remember the most about you after you have gone?
Jeff: I want to be remembered as someone who cared, who understood that he was part of a greater whole, and who finally realized that every move he made and idea he had, no matter how small or large, affected the entire world so you might as well make each move and idea a positive one.

Bill: Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom with us today. What you are doing is simply incredible and I am very excited to help share your message.
Jeff: Thanks so much Bill!  Please let me know if there’s anything else you need.

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