Bullying Stories

All tyoung people, no matter how popular, attractive or clever they are, at some point have to endure the taunts and mockery aimed at them by their peers. However, when these occasional hostile remarks and denigrating comments become too frequent, it is difficult for a child to lead a normal life. We have all heard numerous bullying stories and have sympathized with the victims, but what is really frightening is that some bullies that start out using words to hurt others can become extremely aggressive with not just psychological but also physical pain inflicted on others.

Children are bullied not only at schools and in face-to-face encounters, but on the internet as well. This is called cyberbullying and it can be as harmful as other forms of bullying. Judging by the authentic bullying stories one can read in the newspapers or online, victims often develop serious mental issues, such as anxieties, phobias and even severe depression, which can have adverse long-term effects and significantly diminish the quality of a victim’s life.

Bullying stories are truly frightening accounts of various ways of hurting another human being. Bullies are ruthless and often sociopathic individuals who in extreme situations go as far as to use blackmail, threats, physical torture and other methods in order to make someone’s life a nightmare. Even when they have no personal gain from such awful behavior, bullies feel a pathological need to humiliate those around them and make them look weak or ridiculous. Such bullies need professional psychological help, and an expert’s guidance so that they can they overcome the urge to hurt others.

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