Books on Forgiveness

Books on forgiveness are a great way to learn how to be more open and willing to forgive the troubles others cause you, so that you are no longer troubles, and the matter is resolved in a peaceful and appropriate way. We often find it difficult to see how someone that has crossed us in some way should be forgiven, and hold ourselves responsible for condemning their trespasses, through our own thoughts. What we don’t realize when we do this, is that it is us who cause grief for ourselves by holding onto the feeling that the offender needs to be opposed in our thoughts, in order for their wrong actions to be properly given justice. Books on forgiveness show the simple truth that justice for wrong actions doesn’t come from those actions having an effect, it comes from those actions having no effect on us at all. Books on forgiveness teach us that holding onto opposing thoughts of a persons actions against us leads us to act on our thoughts, to give ourselves justice. It is important for any individual that commits a crime against someone to be held responsible if it causes a real effect that cannot simply be forgiven, however it is never good to hold someone responsible for something that has only hurt us personally and is easy for us to move on, and not let effect our lives in any real way. Letting go frees us from what was done, whereas holding on can lead to further trouble that is unnecessary, and even further negative action on our part as a result of holding those thoughts in mind. It is never good to create a negative effect in the world, especially as a result of a negative effect created on us. Only through knowing it is positive to not hold onto negative effects on our lives can we not be effected by negative things done to us by others.

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