Stories on Bullying

Stories on bullying are a great way to help both adults and children understand the results of their actions, or to understand the causes and contributors of the actions of others. Stories on bullying are often used to give to children who bully, to show them that their actions have unintended consequences. They also teach children that bullying is a result of imbalances in the bully’s life, that can often be remedied by seeking the appropriate care of others where it is needed, or creating outlets for growing and learning where they are missing in the bully’s life, causing frustration at their lack of ability to express themselves, and feel the enjoyment of doing something positive themselves, and experiencing the positive results of their actions. The majority of the time, when a child bullies another child, it is due to frustration from lack of ability to feel good about themselves, or alternatively from some effect in their life that makes them feel bad about themselves.

Helping a child that is bullied by giving them stories on bullying is a great way to help them to see the situation from multiple perspectives. Stories on bullying can show a child why bullies act the way they do, including why they are effective when bullying as a result of the reaction of the child being bullied. Their ability to successfully effect the other person is the reason they persist in bullying, as a result of the successful outcome of their actions in the form of a diminished self view of the victim, that reinforces the imagined justification of how the other child feels.

The best way to counteract bullying itself is to simply effect parents to understand the value of parenting, and the value of ensuring their children do not have imbalances, by seeing how those imbalances effect other areas in the childs life until they are corrected, as well as how those imbalances accumulate in society.

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