Your Bonus Gifts for Purchasing Dr Joe Vitale’s

The Awakening Course.

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Here are your FREE bonus gifts from Bill King for participating in this campaign . Get ready to download some STINKIN’ COOL stuff that was designed to help you keep a positive attitude and create a life you love. Below are the 4 gifts for you.

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Gift #1 – (2) Positive Thinking Screensavers – These screensavers include beautiful pictures of beaches, sunsets, and other cool images. Use the screensavers daily to help you stay focused and achieve your desires.

Gift #2 – Positive Affirmations PDF – Also receive a PDF of positive affirmations to guide you to a peaceful, positive day.

Gift #3 – STINKIN’ Quiz – Take the short quiz and determine if you STINK. After taking the quiz, you will get your own STINKING Forecast as well as a STINKING Prescription which includes even more STINKING exercises. There is a “STINK-O-METER” to measure your SMELL.

Gift #4 – The STINK Tank – Sign up for the brand new eNewsletter that was developed for the slightly younger audience. If you would like the adult version, the link will also take you to my main newsletter, “Positive Pathways.” Feel free to sign up for both!