Look at all of this free stuff!

Who says nothing in life is free? Below are several resources you can use from this website to get you started in discovering awareness.

  • Daily Positive Points:
    Daily Positive Points are daily emails delivered right to your inbox Monday-Friday. They are nice and short designed to help you get your day started on a positive note. They include 2 sections: 1) Today’s Message – a thought of the day & 2) Today’s Quote – a quote that reinforces the thought of the day. On Fridays you will get a bonus video to see. So, sign-up today and start your day off with something positive.
  • Positive Pathways:
    Positive Pathways is a FREE e-newsletter sent out periodically throughout the year. To start receiving it, all you have to do is click this link and register for that list. There is a new topic each month designed to help you with issues you deal with on a regular basis. Monthly features typically  include:
    · Nifty News – Positive news from around the globe
    · Fearless Focus – A new exercise each month
    · Meet the Peeps – Interviews with some really cool people
    · Upbeat Updates – Updates on our book and websites
    · Fabulous Freebees – Free gifts such as screensavers, eBooks, and more!
    · Promising Purchases – Info and discounts for products to purchase
    · Plus more amazing content!
  • Do you have a question that you want to ask? Well then , friend, you are in the right place . . . just go ahead and “Ask Sweetie!”
  • After you set yourself up with a login and password, add your kind deed to the Kindness Meter”and watch it grow.
  • Go to “The Exercises” on Positract.com to get the first 7 exercises in my book 7 Days to Inner Peace: The Building Blocks of Awareness. These exercises are both fun and easy and do not require very much time at all.
  • Subscribe to the“The STINK Tank”, my eNewsletter geared toward the younger audience.  It helps you stay informed about new ideas and concepts in this FREE newsletter sent out periodically.
  • Request the first 7 exercises from my second book, The Building Blocks of Creation: An Adolescent’s Guide to Awareness. This book was designed for adolescents (ages 8-14) and their parent or guardian. Both parent and child will do the same exercise each day and recap each night on their successes or struggles. I also have a teacher’s edition to assist the parent or guardian during this process.
  • Enjoy the “STINKIN Quiz” to find out if you STINK or SMELL good. At the end of the quiz, you will have access to 10 FREE exercises to assist you.

Keep checking this page because more will be posted in the near future.

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