This area is designed to bring you activities for your family with a positive slant.  Imagine that?  Get updated monthly activities that are both fun and easy to help you connect with your family.  The first Family activity is one that is quite simple.  It is doing kind deeds.  While the Kindness Challenge may seem to be only for individuals, you and your family is being challenged to give half of something and discuss it around the dinner table.   

Here’s a new idea!  How about giving out Kindness Coupons?  What a great way to get eveyone interested in Kindness.  Click here to dowload the Kindness Coupon PDF.  This document was designed to be printed on a standard business card form.  You can also print them on construction paper and cut them out.  The choice is your.  But, whatever you do, get them printed and start handing them out to others.

Give Half of Something Kindness Challenge
This challenge is not necessarily giving up something you own, say, like half of your toys.  It is about giving up something that may not be helping the greater good of yourself.  Say for instance, yo
u watch three hours of television each night.  This challenge would then mean to give up half of that or 1 1/2 hours.  During that time, you do kind deeds.  Call a friend that is struggling.  Go visit your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or anyone that is in need.  You could send out positive emails or mail a card to someone.  Anything kind is fine whether it is for other or yourself.  You can do that right? 

Click here to find out a little more about the Kindness Challenge.

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