This area is designed specifically for Educators and youth leaders.  One major item that you will see below is the brand new School Curriculum Pilot.  This pilot was designed for the classroom and contains all the material you need to get started.  It even includes a letter to provide to your principal explaining the concepts and backed research.  It is a 3-week pilot and contains daily sessions that are fun and easy to do but are very short.  Other content for educators and youth leaders  include:

  • Daily Positive Points delivered every weekday
  • BRAND NEW School Curriculum is being developed. You will be the first to have more details!
  • Monthly Classroom Activities
  • Monthly Positive Affirmation Screensavers
  • School Kindness Challenges
  • Guest Articles from some of the top names in education
  • Podcasts
  • Archived Newsletters

New Article Posted! See link below under Affirming Articles to access “The New Stimulus Package” (Kindness)

New Bullying Page Built!
In an effort to start consolidating all the stop bullying content, I have built a special page.  Although I haven’t consolidated it all yet, there is information waiting for you there. Click here to access this new resource page.  On that page, you will find Articles, Videos and Websites that tackle the issues of bullying.  Check it out when you have a minute.  Also, added Anti-Bullying video created by kids.  What a great job these kids did.

BULLYING – February’s Positive Pathways Newsletter tackles this topic.  While doing research for the newsletter, I found some very interesting articles and blogs.  Here are two of them for you:
1) Click here to acces the first artcle – Dealing With Bullies.
2) Click here to access the second article – End the Bullying.  This actually has several article and excellent content.
3) Click here to access the third article – Cyber Bullying. NEW!

The Building Blocks of Success –
Click here to access the short eBook.  Inside the book, it provides exercises and tips to create  success in your life.


Here’s a new idea!

How about giving out Kindness Coupons?  What a great way to get eveyone interested in Kindness.  Click here to dowload the Kindness Coupon PDF.  This document was designed to be printed on a standard business card form.  You can also print them on construction paper and cut them out.  The choice is your.  But, whatever you do, get them printed and start handing them out to others.

There is a school curriculum currently being designed.  Please check back for update.  If you would like more information, please contact me at

Book Excerpts
Click here to access the book excerpt section of the website.  Remember, more book excerpts will be coming soon!

Fearless Focus
Click here to access the Fearless Focus area.  In this section, there will be monthly exercises to help you focus on the good that is in your life and eliminate the negative STINKIN’ things that set you back.

Affirming Articles
Click here to access the article section of the website.  There will be regular updates with new articles so check it often.

Kindness Challenge
Coming in January so keep checking back.  I thought it would be a great idea to have a challenge to start off the year.  Look for details here or on my blog, the kindness challenge barrel, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Archived Newsletters
Click here to access archived newsletters.  All of them have a theme and can be read very quickly.

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