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Here are your FREE bonus gifts from Bill King. Get ready to download some STINKIN’ COOL stuff that was designed to help you keep a positive attitude and create a life you love. Below are the several gifts for you.

Below are the links for the free gifts.

Gift #1 – EVERYTHING from is FREE to you! Now how cool is that? You have just created a login and password so now you have access to EVERYTHING on the site. This also includes FULL ACCESS to the subscription content area that contains content for kids, parents, youth leaders, and educators.

Gift #2 – Positive Affirmation Screensavers – 1) Positive Thinking: Click here to download the screensaver that includes affirmations (size 6.07 MB in .exe format), 2) Abundance: Click here to download the 2nd positive thinking affirmation screensaver (size 2.84 MB), 3) Sunsets: Click here to download the 3rd affirmations screensaver (size 5.59 MB), 4) Oneness: Click here to download the 4th screensaver (size 3.68 MB).

Gift #3 – Download the Positive Affirmations PDF now by clicking here.

Gift #47 Days to Inner Peace: The Building Blocks of Awareness eBook

Gift #5The Building Blocks of Creation: An Adolecent’s Guide to Awareness eBook  This is the student’s edition.  If you would like the parent or teacher’s edition, email me at (Please print out on front and back and use as a workbook.)

Gift #6 – Play The STINKIN’ Quiz now by clicking here.

Gift #7 – Sign up for Daily Positive Points now by clicking here.

Please feel free to share this page with ANYONE you think could use this type of information.  Everything on is FREE and designed to provide kids, parents and educators with valuable resources and information to brighten their day.

With peace and gratitude,