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Today I write about a deadly serious topic: FUN! Our society has gotten so caught up with itself that we have robbed our lives of one of the most important reasons to live! When the fun is gone from work, from our private lives, and from our relationships, we are left with a dry, barren, soulless existence.

The word “fun” comes from the same word that means “fool” today. We have to release our inflated egos and make room for a little tomfoolery on a regular basis. Otherwise, we risk serious physiological and psychological health issues!

If you need a little help thinking of ways you can inoculate yourself against such risks, read on, friend!

  1. Don’t believe the propaganda.

Good healthy fun isn’t just for the young and doesn’t involve a reckless party. Put aside all thoughts that you are too old, or too ANYTHING for that matter, to have fun. Take it easy on yourself. We actually do redefine fun as we mature, so no excuses!

  1. Infuse your life with little moments of joy.

Subscribe to a joke of the day email, wink at your significant other from across the room, make a funny face for a kid when no one is looking, pinch your partner’s posterior when washing dishes, etc… The whole idea is to make ordinary things special, such as adding candles to a weeknight dinner, blasting your favorite tunes and singing in the shower, etc… You get the idea! These little habits of lightening our lives add up and create a happy life.

  1. Get creative!

By that I mean create something, anything. You don’t have to be a master woodworker for this. Just lighten up and make something. You can write, finger paint, cook, make sock puppets, draw faces on all the oranges in the fruit bowl, etc… Don’t make it anything that makes you feel pressure to perform. Just explore your own personal desires and have a great time!

  1. Hang out with kids!

There’s nothing more fun than “borrowing” youth for a while! Get over yourself and get in touch with your inner child every now and again. I recently spent some great times with my nieces and nephews just watching some hilarious videos! The kids cracked me up as they belly-laughed their way through them. (Check out the videos here.)

  1. Play with your pet!

There is nothing in my life that makes me laugh on a more consistent basis than my dog. She is so hilarious and is filled with such personality that I just can’t help but stop what I’m doing and play with her. If you don’t have a pet, consider adopting one. If circumstances won’t allow you to have your own, you can become a part-time pet owner! (Read more here.)

  1. Play with other people.

Plan a game night with friends, challenge your spouse to a game of Scrabble, get some neighbors together for a card night, play Grand Theft Auto with your brother, etc… Don’t make it a big ordeal, or it’s not fun anymore. Just get together with some chips and dip and let the games begin!

  1. Learn a little.

It doesn’t take long to learn a little something. Spend time learning something new by taking an interesting community ed class at the recreation center, watch a TED Talk while waiting for the bus, or feed your mind in 5 minutes while standing in line at the store. This form of fun can take you wherever your want it to go!

  1. Plan a family fun day.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to plan a great time for your family. Many cities have lots of information online about free stuff to do, and you can create your own adventure too! Try letterboxing, or make your own scavenger hunt. You can pick your own produce, put on a play, make homemade pizza and rent a movie, pack a picnic, camp in the backyard, plan a holiday celebration, plant a garden, etc… The possibilities are endless! And don’t forget to involve the kids when you’re deciding what to do. They’ll have super ideas!

  1. Join a local club.

My wife would really enjoy being in a book club, but I would have more fun joining a photography group. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s FUN and, again, adds no pressure to your life!

  1. Change up your workout routine.

Instead of endless hours on the elliptical machine indoors at the fitness club, mix up your routine by throwing on the headphones and enjoying nature at a nice clip. Instead of lifting weights in a sterile gym, do some indoor rock climbing. Any way to make working out more fun is a bonus in my book!

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Peace, love, and smiles,


Today is a good day to do something kind for yourself. I know that it is probably easier to do something kind for someone else, but today, do something for yourself. I am going to do a few things. First, I am going to do one thing that I have been putting off for quite some time. Then I am going to create my mini vision board picture frame for February. In considering what I would do today, I wanted to make sure to do something that was fun. I realized that haven’t played any games (xBox, online, etc) in a long, long time. So with that in mind, I am going to take an hour or so and play a game. I cringe as I think about the wasted time that I could be doing something productive but you know, it is productive when you think about it. Doing something fun puts you in a good mood and it really is a good thing to do something that lets your mind rest for awhile.  When you are relaxed and happy, you will automatically be helping others with your good attitude.

Peace, love, and FUN!


Hello everyone.  This morning there were some powerful storms that came through the Dallas Metroplex.  I was looking out my window after the heavy stuff was over and saw two kids playing in the rain.  They had a little puddle that they just could not help playing in.  One rode his three-wheeler while the other one pushed a big dump truck back and forth through the water.

This reminded me that I used to do the same thing when I was growing up.  After each heavy rain, I would immediately go outside and play.  I loved to build boats and “launch” them down mini river that was actually a ditch.  Boy, that sure was a fun time.

I think we all can learn something from this.  Sometimes we need to just have fun.  Forget about all of our worries and just do something fun.  Because of this, I set up a golf outing for later this week.  This boys sure taught me something today.  Thank you!