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I watched an excellent documentary last night called, Still Bill.  It was about the life and times of singer Bill Withers.  He said something in the film that caught my attention.  Here it is:  “It’s okay to head out for wonderful.  But on your way to wonderful your going to have to pass through alright.  When you get to alright, take a good look around and get used to it.”

After hearing that it got me thinking.  I believe a lot of the people today want instant gratification.  They want all the glory but are not willing to do what it takes to achieve the success.  There are no shortcuts to success; however, there are ways to achieve your goals faster.  It is a simple process.  Think positive thoughts, visualize what you want, use a positive vocabulary, and act on your intuition.

With peace and gratitude,

The other day I watched a really good movie.  It was called August Rush.  It was about an orphaned boy who uses music to try to re-connect with his parents to heal old wounds.  It has a good story along with some good acting.

The movie got me thinking about some articles I read recently about the healing aspects of music.  At first, I didn’t really buy into music as a healing expression.  After giving it a little more thought, I have changed my mind.  Since everything including your body is vibrating at a molecular level, why wouldn’t music involve healing?  Music is nothing more than vibrations of sounds so it would be possible for music to heal.

I listen to Mozart all the time.  I had heard somewhere that Beethoven was like heaven but Mozart was heaven.  I can understand that statement now.  I actually wrote my 2nd book, The Building Blocks of Creation: An Adolescent’s Guide to Awareness , while listening to Mozart on my iPod at the airport during several flight cancelations.  It was like Mozart cleared my so I could focus on my writing.   Now I listen to Mozart anytime I want my creative juices to flow.  I also really enjoy going to any Mozart symphony because I typically get “lost” in the music.  This is saying a lot from someone who use to say that if there isn’t any words, it isn’t really music.  Boy, I sure have changed a lot over the past several years!

Peace, gratitude, and healing music,