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If you have been following my previous posts about the post office, what happened today will be of no surprise.  In case you haven’t been following, here’s a quick summary.  For as many years as I can remember, going to the post office has been a pain for me.  Long lines, long wait times, and often unfriendly attendants to boot.  Well, I decided that if it is true what I teach, “What you think about, you bring about”, then I should eliminate those problems.  So, I decided to do that.  Picture nice short lines, friendly attendants, and an overall good experience.

Today was no different.  I needed to drop off something at the post office at lunch and the second I thought about it, my thoughts said something like this: “Ouch! This is one of the worst times to go.  They will be shorthanded and I could end up wasting a half hour there.”  Then I changed my thoughts by picturing an empty line and to be completed in less than 3 minutes.  I focused on all my previous successes and was in a good mood when I arrived. 

Sure enough, two of the normal three attendants were on lunch break much as I originally thought.  Imagine my grin when there wasn’t a single person in line.  SA-WEET!  In and out in less than 3 minutes!  Once again, as I turned to walk out a line was forming.  Not a big line but at least 4-5 people in line.  I tell you, it happens EVERY time now.  What a SWEET change to eliminate that old STINKIN’ belief that the experience is always negative.

I’m not sure you believe these “coincidences” I have had at the post office and that’s OK.  I’m not quite sure I understand 100% myself, and I really don’t have to.  All I know is that this happens every single time since I changed my thoughts.  I can’t say exactly what cosmic forces are going on behind the scenes to make this happen but I get the exact same results 100% of the time when I change my negative thoughts to positive. 

Imagine how many times we put limiting beliefs on ourselves unnecessarily.  Not anymore!  Change your awareness.  Focus on what you want to happen.  Then reap the rewards of success.

With peace and gratitude,

We got back home last night from our November stay on the beach.  I have to say that it was really difficult leaving this year.  After working out this morning, I went to the Post Office to get our mail for the past 30 days.  As I got in my car, STINKIN’ THINKIN’ started.  It sounded something like this: “Boy, I forgot that it is December.  The Post Office is going to be packed!  You probably don’t want to go at this time.  I bet it takes 30 minutes to get the mail.”

If you have read any of my other post office posts, you would immediately recognize what I was doing.  I was setting myself up for a very unpleasant visit to my local post office.  The cool thing about becoming aware of STINKIN’ THINKIN’ is that you can change it.  So, immediately I started doing affirmations such as, “It is going to be a quick in and out.  I bet there is hardly anyone in line.  I am so happy and grateful that I now have picked up my mail in less than 5 minutes.”

Well, as I drove up, the parking lot was packed!  STINKIN’ THINKIN’ returned and in return, I changed it to positive affirmations.  As I opened the door, I was pleasantly surprised that there was not a single person in line even though they had only clerk behind the counter.  I walked up, gave my ID and had my mail in about 2 minutes.  Now how SA-Weet is that?  As I was leaving (and exactly as my other posts stated) the line was starting to form.

One thing is for certain.  Positive Thinking is always better than STINKIN’ THINKIN’.  Remember that the next time you catch yourself in a STINK Mode and you might be pleasantly surprised.

With peace and gratitude,


You know, the Law of Attraction really works!  It is something I practice daily but sometimes I have to be reminded.  For the past 10 years that I have been going to our local post office, I have not had good success in getting in and out quickly.  Every single time I went in to mail a package, there would be a long line.  That was until this week.

As I started off to the post office, I immediately thought, “Man, it is going to be crowded.”  I quickly caught myself and focused on having an empty line when I got there even though my belief told me this wasn’t possible.  I did my visualization and released the outcome.  When I got to the post office, sure enough, there wasnt’ a single person in line.  I walked straight up and mailed my packages.  In and out in less than 3 minutes!  The funny thing is that when I was walking out, there were over 10 people standing in line.  Interesting, huh?

Fast forward to the next day.  I was again on my way to the post office and my thought was, “Man, it is going to be crowded.”  Due to my state at the time, I just couldn’t change it.  Sure enough, I got to the post office to find at least 10 people in front of me.  Some of them with 10-15 packages to mail AND they were short a window person.  It took me a good 30 minutes to mail my packages.

Fast forward to earlier today.  It was the busiest part of the day (so I have “learned”) for the post office and I was on my way to ship some more packages.  My instant thought was, “It is going to be so packed!”  I quickly caught myself and changed that thought.  I visualized an empty line and getting in and out within 5 minutes.  As I walked in, there was only one person working but there was only one person checking out.  By the time I walked up to get in line, that person left and I walked straight up to mail my packages.  As I was leaving 3-4 minutes later, there was a line of at least 10 people.  Very interesting.

I tell this story because prior to this past week, I NEVER got in and out in less than 20 minutes.  However, the two times I practiced visualization and changed my negative thoughts this week, I got exactly what I intended the outcome to be.  Some may say it was a “coincidence” but I say it is focused intention.  I challenge you to practice changing your negative thoughts and using visualization.  What do you have to lose?

Peace and gratitude,