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Last night, a number of family members met to watch another one of Shakespeare’s plays, “Othello.”  My wonderful niece from Louisiana was visiting and hadn’t ever seen a Shakespeare play before.  I wish she would have been here for “All’s Well and Ends Well” last weekend because it was a much more cheerful play.  Although it was an excellent performance by a cast of incredible actors, to me,  Othello just wasn’t near as good as last weekend’s play.  I am that I liked last weekend’s play because it was a comedy (and a really good one at that) and this was a tragedy.

We knew Vince, the actor who played Othello, and sat in a special reserved section.  It was perfect because it had a cover over it while the others in the audience got a few rain drops through the performance.  I can tell you that Vince is an unbelievable actor.  He was just as flawless as he was in “A Raisin in the Sun” that we saw a while back.  Vince, great, great job!

Seeing Shakespeare in the park for the first time last week and a second time this weekend, I am hooked.  I will definitely make this a regular activity. 

Peace and gratitude,


Last weekend my wife and I went to Shakespeare in the Park and saw “All’s Well and Ends Well.”  Before going, I was kind of dreading it because I never liked Shakespeare’s work because I struggled with understanding the language.  Knowing this, my wife pulled her notes from high school and  college and tutored me on the story.  What a great idea.  Knowing the story, I could understand what was going on and I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow, we are going to another play in the park, Othello.  One of my wife’s staff is playing Othello so it will be really neat to watch him in the play.  For the first time, I am actually looking forward to a Shakespeare play.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you attending any Shakespeare in the Park in a town close to you.  But be sure to read up on the story if you have any struggles with understanding the language.

Peace, love, and joy,