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Today I needed to run a few errands.  As I started out, I noticed I was going to need to get gas soon.  I had plenty to do the things I needed to do but something told me to go get gas, so I trusted it.  The moment I started pumping the gas, I heard “thump, thump, thump, thump.”  Before I even looked up, I knew what that sound was, a flat tire.  I walked over to the car where a lady was wondering what was going on.  She rolled down the window and I asked her if I could help.  She was relieved and immediately replied, “YES!”  I finished pumping the gas while she cleaned out her trunk to get to the spare tire.  I changed her tire and as I finished she said, “Thank you so much.  You sure have done your kind deed for today.  This really the qualifies your kind deed for the whole week ahead.”  That was really cool.  I told her she was welcome and drove off.  I was now dirty and sweaty and needed to go back home to clean up a bit.  I didn’t get to all my errands but I sure felt good after doing the kind deed.

As I thought about this incident, I could not help but remember all the times that people showed up to help me when I had car trouble or needed assistance.  My intuition or gut told me not only to get gas, but which gas station to go to.  Since this gas station was in the opposite direction of where I was headed, I probably would have either waited to get gas or get it closer to where my errands where if I hadn’t listened to my intuition.  She was truly grateful just as I was truly grateful for others that helped me.  When you learn to trust your intuition, you will not only transform your life, you will also help lots of people.

Beginning June 1st, I am issuing a Kindness Challenge.  The Challenge will consist of logging 5,000 kind deeds on my Kindness Meter at for the month of June.  Get ready to be challenged.  Don’t wait until June 1st, start today.

Love and gratitude,


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