T + V + A = R

Thoughts + Visualization + Action = Results – This is what I was thinking about last night when my wife and I went for a walk.  It started out pretty hot (in the 90’s at 9PM here in Dallas) but quickly got cooler as a storm started rolling in.  As the lightning was lighting up the sky in the distance, I started thinking about T+V+A=R.  I thought back to a lot of stress I chose to experience when dealing with getting my son’s car fixed.  I spent weeks letting it bother me because it just wasn’t right the way they were treating me by not covering the A/C under warranty.  Once I realized that I was giving so much negative energy to the situation, I decided to change my mind and try T+V+A=R.

I decided to think only positive thoughts about the car situation (the R).  Before doing it, I was only fixated on the fact that it would be about an $1100 repair.  I then decided to visualize the car being picked up with a fixed A/C AND not having to pay (the V).  The action step for me was two fold.  The first was to actively change my thoughts through meditation.  The second step was to call the dealer and “kill ’em with kindness” even more than I had done before.  Well, what do you know?  After well over 4 weeks of stress, the very day I practiced this I got a call from the dealer.  Within two hours they told me, “We have good news for you.  The A/C is working perfectly AND there is no charge…”  2 hours!  Hmmm.  2 Hours!  Incredible!

So, the next time you are dealt with something that is bugging you, try T+V+A to get the results you want.

Peace and gratitude,


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