Determination.  Dedication.  Discipline.  When these three ingredients are combined, success is just about guaranteed.  When we have determination, we come to a decision to attempt something.  Determination gets us started but what keeps us going?  You got it, dedication.  As we put more and more focus on our goals, we become dedicated to seeing it through.  This means that when we experience the first setback, we don’t just give up.  We keep moving forward. 

That brings us to the final “D” in the 3D Solution, Discipline.  With discipline, we accept the setback for what it is and set up new ways to deal with future setbacks.  Discipline keeps us focused on our end result but discipline without determination and dedication, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful.  Combine all three and we have got ourselves one serious solution to meeting life’s opportunities.

With peace and gratitude,

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