Bye, Bye, Lil' STINKERS! :-(

Well, it is with a heavy heart that I write this blog.  Friday, our neighbors of the last six years moved back to their home state.  I can honestly say that they were the absolute best neighbors my family has ever had.  We will miss them dearly; however, I am so happy they are returning to be with so many of their close family members.

For the past 5 years, I have had a buddy.  His name is Mason, and he is actually one of my very best friends.  From the moment I saw him for the first time at a baseball game, he has been a light in my life. He started calling me “Bo” and eventually learned to pronounce “Bill.” 

Nearly every day he has come over to visit me.  We learned to make some of the sweetest tea in the land, play all sorts of games such as baseball, soccer, football, basketball, & several other games we made up.  I recall a time when he was only about 2 that I gave him a popsicle, and we sat on the back porch and conversed, even though I had no idea what he was saying.  We had a saying we used everytime we sat back there, “We’ve got it made in the shade!”

Mason helped me paint my writing room, wash my car (Boy, he was sure did a great job cleaning the chrome wheels!), mow the grass, sweep the driveway, do laundry, weed the beds, trim the hedges, make iced tea, plant and pick tomatoes, cucumbers, and okra, as well as just about every other household job.

Today, Mason, Riley, my son’s dog Rooney, and I had a picnic by the lake and had a great time.  While there, we skipped rocks, played soccer, and picked up shells.  It was difficult to talk most of the time because I knew I wouldn’t get to see them again for a while.










I want to say once again to my friends, “Thank you.”  Thank you for sharing your family with mine.  Chris, thank you so much for helping me realize a dream of mine to go to Fenway Park with my son for the ALCS last year.  Sarah, thank you for letting me spend time playing with Mason and Riley, as well as all the times you took care of waiting for technicians for our house.  Riley, thank you for your determination in whatever you do, but mostly for your laughs.  And finally, Mason, thank you for being a good friend.  You are something special, and you will go places.  All I ask is to be there when you sign your major league baseball contract (and a few free tickets to boot!).  Thank you buddy!  You all have an awesome time in your new home!

I love you all,


PS. When you move, don’t just throw your kids in the trash.  Be kind and recycle!


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  1. Tracee says:

    Ok Uncle Billy, I love this blog… I love the recycle part… lol… you crack me up.
    By the way, Riley??? Is that the baby???? I think she had a baby while I lived with you guys, is that him??? Wow time flies!
    Awww litttle Mason was your friend he was so sweet.. How sad 🙁

    Love you Uncle Billy… Oh yeah one more thing this website is too cool! I love it!! I like your little profile pic thing… It totally cracks me up!!

    Love you.

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