90 Days of Kindness – Day 25

It has been almost a month since the challenge began and I have had some very interesting experiences.  You may have read about some of them already but here are a couple of things learned this past week.  I struggled a bit in not being able to accomplish big, elaborate kind acts.  As I stated in an earlier post, I started doing lots of small kind acts.  Today I realized that it may seem small to me but it could be HUGE for the recipient of the act. 

Another thing that I realized is that as I did more small kind acts, they became second nature to me.  I recall the other night when I was thinking about my day and the kindness done, I initially thought that I didn’t do any kind deeds.  Then one by one I started recalling all the small acts.  I believe these kind deeds have given me a boost in positive energy.   A nice side-effect!

Peace and gratitude,


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