90 Days of Kindness – Day 67

Yesterday I decided that I would go through my closet and donate a lot of my clothes to Goodwill.  It is kind of funnyhappy_face1 how you can get attached to some of your clothes.  I decided that I was going to clear out a good part of my wardrobe regardless how I felt about them.  The end result is a closet that is nearly half as full as it was before I began.

After dropping them off at Goodwill and returning home, I had a nice feeling rush over me.  When I looked at my closet later that night, I felt a warm sense of accomplishment.  I suggest you take a look around your house and if you see things that you no longer use, find a place to donate it to.  Realize that you are giving and don’t be surprised if you receive something yourself: peace, good feelings and joy to name just a few.

With peace and gratitude,

Bill King

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