Goals – Achieving vs Obsessing

I was thinking today about my goals and how I can get myself too consumed with achieving them.  It is like I WILL NOT accept anything less than a success.  As I thought more about it, having that attitude is not so good.  To achieve goals, you have to do several things: 1) Decide what you desire, 2) Visualize the success, 3) Take decisive action to achieving it, 4) Be willing to change it, 5) Turn it over to the universe to deliver.  My problem is that I am REALLY good with numbers 1-3 and sometimes not so good with 4&5.

It dawned on me that being successful is not just about achieving my goals but also about the quality of my life.  If I achieve all my goals but am exhausted, unhappy or stressed out, then that is really not a success at all.  One positive take away from all this is that the simple awareness of this thought will help me make different choices in the future.  When things don’t seem to be working out on a particular goal, rather than working myself into a frenzy, I can look to where the goal is taking me and change it up just a bit if it feels right.  I will use my gut to determine if I need to change it while also being aware that fear could be driving that decision.  I believe that when you look at things objectively and thoroughly evaluate the options, your intuition will provide you with what you need.

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