Earlier this week, our pet Rooney was sprayed by a skunk in our front yard.  She immediately ran inside, rolled around on one of our rugs and then ran upstairs and did the same thing in a few rooms before I was able to pick her ups and put her in the tub.  The result was not only a dog sprayed with skunk but also a house that REEKED of skunk STENCH!   We didn’t get a good look at the Stanker but history tells me it was probably Stanky! 

I believe that all accidents and coincidences happen for a reason.  After a few days of trying every solution possible, we still had a house that smelled like skunk.  It was horrible.  I started thinking about the meaning of all this and the fact that I have a website with the main character being skunks but nothing came to mind.  It wasn’t until I was steam-cleaning the infected rooms did I realize what the meaning might be.  Each time I emptied the dirty, filty water from the steam cleaner I realized that on the surface everything looks clean and fine.  However, when you go below the surface, a lot of dirt gets trapped and you don’t see it.  I decided to steam clean the entire house an boy, there was a lot of dirt gathered.  The lesson in all this: you have to periodically clean your house or your self of negative STINKIN’ thoughts.  This whole incident has caused me to look deeper in situations that on the surface appear fine.  It was actually a liberating experience although quite painful at first.

So, what do I do about Stanky?  Should I write him out of my latest book, STINKIN’ THINKIN’ STINKS?  I think not.  I need to forgive the skunk that sprayed Rooney but also give thanks to him for the opportunity to cleanse my house and be reminded to look below the surface.  Stanky, THANK YOU!

With Peace and Gratitude,

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