Oh No! I Do STINK!

I sure hate to say this but sometimes, we all STINK!  Well, that is our thoughts STINK! More often than we would like to admit, our thoughts can get the best of us. One thing out of our control will lead to negative thinking and just like that, we have a bad day.

One thing that I know with certainty is that we all have a choice. We have a choice to consciously select positive thoughts over negative thoughts.  We also have a choice to select negative thoughts over positive ones. Unfortunately we make a lot of these choices without being aware. That is where awareness comes in. Through awareness, we can consciously change our thoughts and turn things around.

Recently, when I was feeling a bit down, I started to wallow in that negative thinking. Fortunately, however, once I realized I was choosing negative thoughts, I was able to change them immediately. My thoughts were that I can choose to be miserable or accept what I cannot change and replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

It reminds me of the stories about bullying that I hear regularly these days. The one thing in common with all of them is that they started out with negative thinking that grew way out of control. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we have choice when it comes to our thinking. When we do, it helps remind us that we can choose something different in the moment.

With peace and gratitude,

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  1. HLT says:

    My spouse and I found your site and thought we would check it out. Looking forward to more posts.

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