The time has come!  The big announcement is here.  Beginning immediately, everyone will be granted full access to all areas of my website,  PLUS, it also includes FREE books that were priced $6 to $20.  To make it even sweeter, everyone gets access to the subscription content area of my website.  In the membership area, there is content specifically designed for kids, parents, youth leaders, and educators.  There are awesome articles, loads of positive affirmation screensavers, STINKIN’ COOL activities for  kids, Subscriber Daily Positive Points that include a quote and a daily message to start your day off right, and there is SO MUCH MORE.  All you need is a login/password to and that is also TOTALLY FA-REE too!

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  1. Bill King says:

    Check your email for a link with access to an affirmation PDF document and several screensavers with positive affirmations you can use. After you check those out, please let me know how I may be of service.
    With peace and gratitude,

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