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“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” -Princess Diana

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” -Mark Twain

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” -William Arthur Ward

“Be kind, don’t STINK!” Sweetie (from

With love and gratitude,

DadA little over seven years ago, after well over seven years of suffering at different levels, my father finally let go.  I was actually in Chicago on a business trip when I got the word that things had taken a turn for the worse.  I cancelled the rest of the business trip, caught some connecting flights and ended back up in Louisiana to see my dad in what would be the last time I saw him alive.

My father had a pretty tough life although if you talked to him, you wouldn’t even get a hint of it.  I remember often right before a cookout or nice dinner he would say, “I wonder what the poor folks are eating tonight.”  Truth is, if he knew of ANYONE in need, he would give the shirt off his back to help them.  I don’t just believe this, I witnessed it over and over again.

Dad was in the third or fourth grade or so when he was forced to drop out of school because his father had taken ill and couldn’t work.  He literally became the “man” of the house and took care of his younger brother and sister.  This continued on for quite some time but he did go back and get his GED and joined the Army.  I learned only upon is death that he was actually a captain and was in charge of a company of soldiers.  Interesting that he never shared that with me but that was dad. He would never say anything that would give him attention or could be considered putting him in the spotlight.

There are some parents that teach their kids through talking, demanding, and “do as I say, not as I do” methods.  Others simply teach through their actions.  I can honestly say that I have never heard my dad say a curse word.  As I was typing this out, I thought, certainly there must have been a few times but there simply wasn’t.  I was the youngest of six kids so maybe he ran out of them by the time I came along, but I doubt it.

I believe that because he had such a tough start, he could always relate to anyone in need.  It didn’t matter if it was a hitchhiker, a homeless person on the side of the road or anyone who asked for help, family or friend, he would always offer it.  I believe he remembered how tough he had it from his own experiences that there were instant connections.  If someone was in need, he could and would instantly strike up a conversation and give whatever money he had on him.  I’m not just talking about a dollar or two, it typically was whatever he had on him at the time.  Some might look at that as naïve but I understand it to be compassion and empathy.

I can remember a number of the times the person he was talking to (that clearly needed assistance) didn’t even ask for help or money, but he would simply ask them first.  He must have known what it was like to be in there shoes so he was able to save just a little of their dignity by offering assistance first.  What a man!

When I say they don’t make men like that anymore, I really mean it.  Since his passing, I have struggled much more than I expected.  The hurt doesn’t go away, doesn’t get any easier, it just simply dulls just a little.  Through the past two years, I have at times struggled by all the things I could have or should have done while he is still around.  But you know what?  He wouldn’t have wanted that.  I can see him looking in my eyes telling me something like, “we’ll have none of that” then ask about the weather or anything to change the subject.  It bothered him deeply to see anyone hurting or struggling and his natural, automatic response was to offer help.  What a man!

Father’s greatest gifts to their children are not all the stuff they accumulate, the gifts they give them, the money they provide, nor the power and influence they possess.  No, not at all.  A father’s greatest gift is simple.  It is living by what you preach (or don’t preach at all in my dad’s case) which is then measured by their actions both in times of glory as well as in times of struggles.  The gifts my father taught me were kindness, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, love, gratitude.  These gifts have been well ingrained within my soul.  My goal in life is to share these same traits with my own son and if I can accomplish a tenth of what my dad taught me, my life will be considered a success.

I miss you daddy!  Happy birthday.

I often ask myself, “How can I make a positive impact on others today?” This is an empowering question that often leads to great ideas. To make a difference in the world, it will always involve helping others. There are several ways to help others but there is one way that is often overlooked. That way is to continue to grow ourselves because we can’t help someone if we are not in the right mental place to do so.

Kindness, whether it is with others or yourself, will always make a difference in the world. When practiced daily, kindness will have a major positive impact on the world. It doesn’t always have to be practiced for others because when we offer ourselves kindness, we are teaching others to be kind to themselves too. Let’s teach something powerful today.  Take the Every Day Kindness Challenge and start making a powerful impact today.

While kindness doesn’t solve all of our problems, it does help us stay positive and more optimistic. Just think of the consequences if we all practiced kindness daily? I bet there would be a big impact on negative thinking, depression, bullying, anger and so much more.

Teach kindness. Help others learn kindness. Learn kindness. These are the keys to a positive outlook on life.

With peace and gratitude,

There are a number of debilitating words we have to watch out for. The first ones that come to my mind are”I Can’t”, “Why me?”, “I am just unlucky” and words like that.

We have to be very, very careful when we include them in our day-to-day vocabulary. I was on a business trip today in Chicago and while I was having breakfast, the news was covering the school stabbing yesterday (4/9/14). Non stop the news rattled off that 22 kids were stabbed and all I could think was that this is becoming a weekly occurrence.  It’s still early in the investigation but I wonder if it is yet another story about bullying or just another kid suffering from depression.

We simply have to do something for out kids. We have to step up and pull together and give them tools to deal with the pressures of life today. When I was growing up there wasn’t any social media, cell phones, smart phones, YouTube videos and ways to get information out quickly to the masses. I believe this makes it much harder for our kids than we were ever faced with. I can’t imagine what I would feel like if others posted hurtful, mean things about me via social networks back then.

I feel I had pretty high self-esteem but I never was tested the way the kids are today. So, instead of asking ourselves, “Why?” Let’s ask a different question, “How?”  As in, “How may I serve” or “What can I do to help.” Those are much more empowering words than “Why” because we probably will never, ever really understand what makes people do horrible things to others. I simply do not include “why” in my vocabulary any longer. If I accidentally say it, I usually immediately catch myself and change it on the spot.

Do you want to help kids build high self-esteem to combat the negative things they are bombarded with today? Do you want to make a difference? If you do, join me. Send me a direct email and we can collaborate together to see what comes up.

Together we CAN and WILL make a difference. Join me today!
With peace and gratitude,


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Parents are often the ones to hear of a story about bullying in school, in the neighborhood, or at the park. Bullying or repeated aggression can be verbal, psychological or physical. It can take the form of name calling, teasing, hitting or picking on someone weaker. It is not a one-time aggression. It is repeatedly performed for some time. A story about bullying can involve an individual or group.

In schools, bullying is a perennial problem. The problem is prevalent because most students who are bullied do not report the act or take a long time for them to do so. Victims often feel ashamed and are afraid of retaliation because bullying often happens where there are no adults around such as in school hallways or on the way to and from school. This makes the victims feel vulnerable to retaliation.

Children who are shy or fearful, physically weaker, less skilled, less assertive or do not make friends easily are picked on by bullies, while children who bully are often stronger, more aggressive and less tempered.

When a child tells you a story about bullying, try to listen instead of just dismiss the incident as ‘part of growing up’. Make an appointment with the teacher and discuss how to deal with the situation. Work in partnership with the school to ensure your child’s safety. There should be sufficient monitoring and parents should coordinate with school authorities in addressing the problem. The school needs to implement a comprehensive anti-bullying program. Every school must have an appropriate response or a management plan that addresses the problem dealing with bullying behavior.


We often hear of people seeing the glass as half empty or half full. These two spell a world of difference in thinking and action, and mean the difference between positive and negative.

Lots of positive thinking books written by experts in recent years offer heaps of sound advice. These positive thinking books are often self-help books. But positive thinking books do not teach us to see the world through rose-colored lenses by ignoring or avoiding life’s negative side. They say positive thinking means viewing a bad situation in a positive light and trying to turn it into your advantage. They mean to say that positive thinking involves choosing to see the best in yourself, in things, and in other people.

Optimists do not blame themselves when bad things happen. They only acknowledge these things as a temporary setback. They also give themselves credit for the good things that happen.

Pessimists, on the other hand, normally blame themselves for bad things that happen and they do not take enough credit for successful results. They also seem to treat failure as a likelihood and somewhat long-lasting.

People who choose to think positively are less affected by stress. They also tend to exercise more regularly, follow a sensible diet program and stick to healthy practices. Having a positive outlook in life is what makes people happy and fulfilled. It can help manage stress and affect your overall health and well-being. Positive thinking and optimistic attitude help lessen stress, lower depression, improve coping skills and psychological health, and increase physical well-being which all contribute to a longer life span.

Everyone knows someone who has either been a bully or a victim of bullying, and it’s important to review information about bullying to help stop the problem.

Victims are often embarrassed or humiliated and as a result don’t report the problem, and unfortunately bullies commonly deny any involvement. You can be alert and observant to get Information about bullying. Children who are being bullied usually come home with physical signs like bruises, cuts and scratches which they cannot explain. Sometimes torn clothing or damaged books are telltale signs of the problem. A child may show fear or reluctance to go to school and make up excuses to avoid doing so. He can also become irritable or depressed.

A person who bullies others will display signs of being domineering and may use threats in order to control others. Other children at home, in school or in the neighborhood are often afraid of him or her and he boasts about being better than the rest. He or she is usually impulsive, hot-tempered, impatient, rebellious, antisocial or frequently associates with other kids of questionable behavior.

With all the information about bullying that you can get, the first thing you can do is to contact your child’s teacher immediately. Your child spends most of his time in school during the day so you must work in collaboration with the school. Even if it stirs up strong feelings, avoid getting too emotional about it. Remember,

I just got in a new camera and excited about it. It is going to be really cool because I will be creating some new positive thinking screensavers from some of the pictures I take.  So keep checking the blog because I will post a note here on where to get the screensavers.

Have yourself a beautiful and wonderful day!

Today’s Message

Opportunities are everywhere.  We just have to take time to tune into them. One way to do this is through affirmations and another is through meditation.  Combining meditations with affirmations is much more powerful than doing them separately.


“I have unlimited choices presented to me every single day. Opportunities exist everywhere around me and today I will grab at least one of them!”

Today’s Quote

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.” Demosthenes (384-322)


With Peace and Gratitude,