Bullying for Kids

A lot of parents who are worried about their children’s behavior and well-being use the internet to look up information on bullying for kids. This article outlines the most important ideas about bullying among the youth and offers suggestions for dealing with it successfully.

Firstly, no matter what kind of bullying (emotional, physical, social or cyberbullying) is taking place, adults should be notified and should react immediately, otherwise the victim will feel abandoned and uncared for, which in turn can lead to more problems, such as low grades, lack of self-confidence, depression, troubling thoughts etc.

Secondly, in order to be able to act on time, make sure there is an atmosphere of security and trust at home or at school, because only if children feel safe and loved will they be honest to you and confess what’s going on in their lives. Websites that offer information on bullying for kids emphasize how essential this open communication is and recommend taking the matter of abuse seriously and nipping it in the bud. If undesirable behavior is not dealt with straight away, it sends a signal to the aggressor that it is OK to pick on someone.

Finally, all children should be advised on how to act when confronted with a bully. It is important not to show fear and panic, but to remain civil and calm, regardless of the insults thrown at you. If it is possible, momentarily alert your friends or other people you trust about what’s happening. If it is not possible to do that immediately, then report the abuse as soon as you can.

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  1. Nurul says:

    I’m trying to type tuoghrh my tears as I feel so much grief for a girl who faced some of the worst battles that life has to offer and who could not find the love and support that each person in this world so desperately needs. In some ways, it makes you want to well up with hatred toward the thoughtless, cruel, and absolutely abhorrent actions of her many, many bullies. I think, however, that the message to be learned here is not one of hate or revenge but one of love and reaching out. We all make mistakes. We all know someone who is less accepted, or who is looked down-upon. I hope we can find courage tuoghrh Amanda’s story to be the one to make a difference the one to look past differences and appearances, and to look beyond what might drive others away, and to find the good in others, the longing and the need for love. I hope we can find strength to stand up for the weak, and, like Gandhi implored of us, be the difference that is so greatly needed in our world. Be the change you want to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

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