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Today’s Message

Today is a new day filled with unlimited possibilities. Let’s focus on the good and leave all that negative STINKIN’ THINKIN’ where it belongs, in the trash!

Today’s Quote

“Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…” ~Alfred Tennyson


Click here to go to the exercise called, “Take Out Your STINKIN’ TRASH!” Then you can get ready for the new year, STINK-FREE!!!!

Today’s Message

I always ask kids what they would do if someone laughed at them because they have purple hair. Inevitably, they giggle as their hand goes to their hair, and they say, “But I don’t have purple hair!” Exactly. It’s not what people say that hurts. It’s what we say to ourselves when they’re done talking that hurts.

Today’s Quote

“Negative thoughts stick around because we believe them, not because we want them or choose them.” ~ Andrew J. Bernstein

Today’s Messagehappy_face1

Attitude is everything. A positive one uplifts others and encourages us to continue.  A negative one entices the opposite.

Today’s Quote

“A negative attitude attracts negative people, events, and energy—just as a positive attitude attracts positive people, events, and energy into our lives.” ~STINKIN’ THINKIN’ STINKS

TR_Beliefs1This week we have been covering the power of beliefs in our Daily Positive Points emails.  I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of my most powerful Tony Robbins quotes on beliefs. Most are from his book I am reading, Unlimited Power but also from his new book, MONEY Master the Game.

With Peace and Gratitude,

“The best strategy to get around your belief system is to develop a new belief!”
“Beliefs are the compass and maps that guide us toward our goals and give us surety to know we’ll get there.”
“Without beliefs or the ability to tap into them, people can be totally disempowered.”
Why are beliefs so important? @tonyrobbins says it best: “Beliefs can turn on or shut off the flow of ideas.”
“Belief is nothing but a state, an internal representation that governs behavior”
“It [beliefs] can be an empowering belief in possibility-a belief that we will succeed in something or achieve something else.”
“It [beliefs] can be a disempowering belief-a belief that we can’t succeed, that our limitations are clear, intractable and overwhelming.”
“If you believe in success, you’ll be empowered to achieve it.”
“The birth of excellence begins with our awareness that our beliefs are a choice.”
“You can choose beliefs that limit you, or you can choose beliefs that support you. The trick is to choose from beliefs that are conducive to success and the results you want and to discard the ones that hold you back.”
“Belief is the doorway to excellence precisely because there’s nothing divorced or static about it.”
“It is our belief that determines how much of our potential we’ll be able to tap.
“…there’s no more powerful directing force in the human behavior than belief.”
“…human history is the history of human belief.”
“The people who have changed history – whether Christ, Mohammed, Copernicus, Columbus, Edision, or Einstein – have been the people who have changed our own beliefs.”
“To change our own behaviors, we have to start with our own beliefs.”
“If we want to model excellence, we need to learn to model the beliefs of those who have achieved excellence.”
“…even at the level of physiology, beliefs (congruent internal representations) control reality.”

DissatisfactionAs much as I do not want to say this, sometimes being frustrated, angry and “fed up” is the perfect emotion to get you off your rump and do something. Just remember that it is our emotions that are our indicators to determine our next steps.

“Dissatisfaction is a great starting point, for it is right there that we have the most power, strength, and energy to push change through.” ~David DeNotaris

With peace and gratitude,


It sure is easy to let the negative news that we are bombarded with daily get us down and set us up for a tough week. That is why I decided to offer some ideas to plant some positivity to help you create a positive week. You do not have to do all of these (really, you don’t have to do any of these) so pick the ones that resonate with you and try them out. What’s the worst that can happen? At least you will have some positivity to keep your focus on for the few minutes trying the tips.

Tip #1: Start your day off with Gratitude – Simply identify a few things to be grateful for before you get out of bed. It’s that simple.
Tip #2: Practice “taking out your stinkin’ trash” – For the 1st and 2nd day of the week, keep track of negative thinking. This help you clean out the “clutter” of those negative thoughts you are not aware of. Click here for the full exercise.
Tip #3: Practice positive thinking – I know it sounds a little elementary but seriously practice thinking positive thoughts. You can do it in many different ways but I personally like to track it just like the exercise above. If I notice a negative thought, I change it to the complete opposite. Click here for the full exercise, “Hey, Smell This!”
Tip #4: Sign up for daily positive messages & share with friends – There are lots of sites that offer great daily messages delivered to your inbox for free. One that I personally like is from Mike Dooley of tut.com and they are called “Notes from the Universe.” He has been doing them for 12 years now. You can also sign up for my own Daily Positive Points which are also free. The next thing to do is to share them with others. This is one thing that has a very nice impact on your week because the more that others are doused with positivity, the nicer and friendlier they typically are. That way all of you can discuss the messages of positivity than focus on negative things in your life.
Tip #5: Read something positive – I find that a great way for me to stay positive is to read other inspiring books. I love anything from Tony Robbins because it helps me stay in a positive mood. He reminds me to stay focused on my goals and that I can achieve anything. Also, you can check out my latest book, STINKIN’ THINKIN’ STINKS to see if it resonates with you and your family. Either way, find someone who inspires you, buy their book, read info on their websites & blogs, and/or search for blogs about inspiration and positivity.
Tip #6: Use a positive vocabulary – When someone asks how you are, say something like, “I’m superfantastic! Thank you for asking. How about yourself?” I got this from Keith Harold who passed away last year. I saw him at a business conference and he was simply amazing. I used his technique and to this day, some 10 year later, I still practice it. I love the looks on their faces when I give that response. It’s priceless!
Tip #7: End each day in gratitude – Take a few minutes before going to sleep to either journal things you are grateful for or at least think about them before going to sleep. Try to make it the last thing you are thinking about before you go to sleep. This is a great way to set yourself up for positivity the next day.

I realize that you may not be able to do all 7 items above, but do take time to find a few that you could consider giving them a shot. It will help you have an incredible week. Try it as an experiment and jot down positive things that have happened to you that week. You can do that  right? It’s only 7 days. You could even try a different one each day. How could would that be?

Don’t hesitate to send me a message. You can post a comment on this page or go to the “Ask Sweetie” barrel to ask me a direct question.
With peace and much GRATITUDE!



I wanted to take a few minutes to expand upon why I chose today’s Walt Disney’s quote for Daily Positive Points. I realize that a lot of people struggle when they go off on a new quest and end up giving up. That is why today’s quote is so special to me. Here’s the quote again: “The difference in winning and losing is most often… not quitting.”

It was one year ago that I was about ready to call it quits and shut down my work with the site and Daily Positive Points. I had tried unsuccessfully to launch my book, STINKIN’ THINKIN’ STINKS on three previous occasions. It was as if I was pushing a rope trying to get it ready to launch. I felt I was doing all the right things, practicing all the right mental techniques and staying focused on my goals but it wasn’t working.

I woke up and was in a lousy mood. Something happened with my Daily Positive Points email where I believe I had a few un-subscribers. I logged into the database to see there wasn’t a whole lot of positive movement with the list size for the previous 3-4 months. It was also time to start on the next month’s Daily Positive Points messages and I started asking a few very self-defeating questions. They were, “Why am I even doing this?”; “Why can’t I catch a break?”; and “Why me? I’ve given up so much to help others and now this?”

Yea, I know, pity party for sure. Those kinds of questions and thought patterns will get you nowhere and nowhere fast! I then realized that those questions will result in nothing. Asking lousy questions returns lousy answer. I changed my thoughts and I then asked, “What message am I missing?”

The next day I got the answer. I realized what I was missing. It was fear. Yep, my old lost buddy, fear. I was afraid that I would fail in my book launch dooming me to mediocrity. If any of you know me at all, you know that I do not take defeat very well. Whether it was in sports or business. I have always excelled at both but somehow doubt had crept in and was fogging up my mind. Having awareness and accepting that I wasn’t quitting based upon a fear, I then asked, “How may I serve?” and “What can I do to help reach a bigger audience?”

And then, out of nowhere, Tony Robbins retweeted one of my tweets that day! Really? Within an hour, I had picked up about 100 new followers. I got close to 500 retweets and over 300 favorites. This small thing helped me realize that things can change in a single instant. About a few weeks later, Tony retweeted another one of my tweets and I got similar results.

I am now not only a bestselling author, but an international bestselling author. I maintained #1 rankings in 5 categories on Amazon and went all the way to #317 on Barnes and Nobel’s overall book ranking! Just think what would have happened if I quit?

This was a great reminder to never give up. You may need to change strategies but never give up. Ask better questions and you will get better answers.

With gratitude,


Here was today’s Daily Positive Points for reference:

Today’s Message

Sometimes when everything seems to be falling apart, just sticking with it a little longer is the perfect solution. That goal that seems out of reach right now will be tomorrow’s headlines if you just hang in there.

Today’s Quote
“The difference in winning and losing is most often… not quitting.” ~ Walt Disney

Today’s Message

Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Stinks! There’s no doubt about it!  So, even though it’s Monday, go ahead and break the cycle! Think positive thoughts!  Say positive words!  And do positive deeds! Only good will come of your efforts!


I am a positive, powerful force for good!  Only goodness and love come from me and those around me today.

Today’s Quote

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

Today’s Message

Have you ever heard the saying, “Fake it until you make it?” Well, it’s time to get really enthusiastic about something. The first place to start is to look for how you can help others and that will change your state instantly. Click here to check out Friday’s awesome video.


 I AM a shining example of enthusiasm.  The best part is that I share my enthusiasm with everyone I meet today.

Today’s Quote

“Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic” Dale Carnegie

Today’s Messagehappy_face1

The past is the past but only stays in the past if we decided to make it the present.

Today’s ACTION

Today, focus on your attitude. When something negative comes up, acknowledge it, thank it, release it and then change it to the complete opposite

Today’s Quote

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today. #quotes Will Rogers