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There are a number of debilitating words we have to watch out for. The first ones that come to my mind are”I Can’t”, “Why me?”, “I am just unlucky” and words like that.

We have to be very, very careful when we include them in our day-to-day vocabulary. I was on a business trip today in Chicago and while I was having breakfast, the news was covering the school stabbing yesterday (4/9/14). Non stop the news rattled off that 22 kids were stabbed and all I could think was that this is becoming a weekly occurrence.  It’s still early in the investigation but I wonder if it is yet another story about bullying or just another kid suffering from depression.

We simply have to do something for out kids. We have to step up and pull together and give them tools to deal with the pressures of life today. When I was growing up there wasn’t any social media, cell phones, smart phones, YouTube videos and ways to get information out quickly to the masses. I believe this makes it much harder for our kids than we were ever faced with. I can’t imagine what I would feel like if others posted hurtful, mean things about me via social networks back then.

I feel I had pretty high self-esteem but I never was tested the way the kids are today. So, instead of asking ourselves, “Why?” Let’s ask a different question, “How?”  As in, “How may I serve” or “What can I do to help.” Those are much more empowering words than “Why” because we probably will never, ever really understand what makes people do horrible things to others. I simply do not include “why” in my vocabulary any longer. If I accidentally say it, I usually immediately catch myself and change it on the spot.

Do you want to help kids build high self-esteem to combat the negative things they are bombarded with today? Do you want to make a difference? If you do, join me. Send me a direct email and we can collaborate together to see what comes up.

Together we CAN and WILL make a difference. Join me today!
With peace and gratitude,