90 Days of Kindness – Day 14

We are now 14 days into the Kindness Challenge and I am learning a lot more than I thought.  I was thinking about sweetie_1kindness today while walking down a sidewalk.  I looked down and there was a piece of gum sitting right in the middle waiting to go for a ride with someone.  I passed it up but then quickly turned around and picked it up and deposited in a nearby trashcan.  This was a really small kind deed that no one will ever know about. 

Remember, you do not have to look very far to find a kind deed to offer.  It seems interesting to me that every time I am out and thinking of kindness, an opportunity presents itself in minutes.  While on the way back home, I was thinking about kindness and saw a truck wanting to get over.  I slowed way down and waved him over.  He waved back once he was in the lane.  I could go on and on but every kind deed no matter how big or small is truly a gift you give the recipient, yourself and anyone else who witnesses it.

With gratitude,


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