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Kindness Challenge

Today is June 1st and the official start date for the Kindness Challenge of logging 5,000 kind deeds for the month.  When you have a good story, come back to this post to place your comments about your experience.  I really want you to put as many posts as possible because your stories will help others during the challenge.
Go to the landing page to get detailed instructions at: to learn how to issue your own challenge.  This page should be operational by late Monday afternoon June 2nd.


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  1. ABC4All TEAM says:

    Kindness does not Kill!

    Kindness ROCKs!

    Kindness can be global.

    Kindness begins with Kind:
    1. Of a friendly, generous, or warm-hearted nature.
    2. Showing sympathy or understanding; charitable: a kind word.
    3. Humane; considerate: kind to animals.
    4. Forbearing; tolerant: Our neighbor was very kind about the window we broke.
    5. Generous; liberal: kind words of praise.
    6. Agreeable; beneficial: a dry climate kind to asthmatics.

    Kind is how the word, KINDergarten, begins.

    Can KI(n)Ds be KIND when in KINDergarten?

    Do you love your next of KINd?

    Did you come here in the NIcK of time?

    Would you rather stINK or be KIND?

    Enough INK in your computer printer to print all this out?


    loc K
    k I ndness
    i N to

  2. alex says:

    I just found out about your web site. I just came back from my vacation. We visited Ensenada, Mexico. We went to eat to a great mom’s and pop’s restaurant. The waiters were very courteous. The food fabulous. The service efficient. The establishment clean and well taken care of.
    At the end of the meal I decided to speak with the owner and let her know of our experience. She was in the kitchen area visible from the dining area. She was a beautiful middle aged woman. When I told her of our fabulous experience she appeared humbled and smiled shyly. I know she probably knows she is successful because she is very busy but, I wonder how many times sometimes bothers to let her know what a fabulous job she does and what a great experience she facilitates, unfortunately, we usually only say something when we are unhappy.

  3. admin says:

    Alex, what a great story. Thank you for sharing. I believe you right on with complimenting others in restaurants. For me, when I receive my check at a restaurant, I always write a note on the receipt for the waiter or waitress to see. Here is what I put on all of them, “GREAT JOB! GREAT SERVICE! THANK YOU! Sometimes I mix it up a bit but it is something very similar.

    You might be asking what happens when you get bad service and bad food. I can tell you since I have been doing it, I just don’t receive bad service or food no matter where I go. If it should happen, I look at the situation with compassion and act in that manner when communicating to the waiter.

    Thanks again for the positive note!

    Peace and Gratitude,

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