Kindness Challenge, Day 1

happy_face1Well, today was a pretty good day for me.  I had the mindset to do kind deeds and felt that it was a productive day.  What I quickly discovered is that when you are looking for kindness to do, a kindness opportunity will present itself.  For example, this morning I was walking up to the club to work out and as I got near the door, I noticed a lady with her hands full coming up from behind me.  Easy opportunity for me to stand there, wait a moment and then open the door for her.  She smiled and appeared very grateful.

Several times today I also did kindness for myself.  I SO wanted a snickers bar in the afternoon but decided to have a piece of fresh fruit instead.  At lunch, I really wanted a coke but ordered water instead.  I made lots of choices like that for myself today.

You don’t have to look very far to do kind deeds.  Don’t forget doing kindness for yourself is just as important as doing kindness for others.

With gratitude and kindness,


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