The Weight of Negative Thoughts

I was thinking about the topic, do negative thoughts have any weight to them?  My first response was, no, they couldn’t.  However, the more I thought about them, the more I started to change my mind.  We all know that negative thoughts will certainly hold us back and keep us from making choices that inspire us.  But does negative thinking actually equate into something you can see on the scales?  I am not sure that we could ever know for sure but it did get me thinking. 

Since I believe that what you focus on expands, then it could be true for your weight (or any other thing you don’t like about yourself).  If you are constantly telling yourself you are overweight, chances are that you will tend to draw that to you.   I believe that the opposite is also true as long as you follow your intuition.  If you use a positive affirmation, you will need to follow it up by a positive action.  You can’t just affirm, “I am so thin” when you know you are 30lbs overweight and immediately afterward eat something really unhealthy for you.  That approach doesn’t work because deep down you know that it is unhealthy for you.   I will say I am all for positive affirmations.  Just be sure to compliment them with positive actions.

Peace and gratitude,


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