Thought of the Night

After a very long few weeks of travel and long, long work days, I am finally able to take a break.  I was thinking about how some people will say “all is well,” and “I’m not upset” but they are just lip action.  I think that some people say those things without really thinking.  I say this because some of them will complain about everything under the sun and state how furious they are with someone or something that is going on.  What I have learned is that what you focus on expands.  The more time we spend saying how bad things are, how frustrated we are or how everything seems to turn out wrong, the more of those things we don’t want are destined to be attracted to us.

Try this the next time you catch yourself saying something negative repeatedly.  Say, “I release the need for this to be important in my life.”  That’s it.  Simple isn’t it?  The next step is to STOP fueling the negative energy by not talking about it anymore.  Then watch as the struggles start to disintegrate. 

Well, that’s my thought for the night.  I hope you enjoy!
Peace, love and positivity,

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