Earlier today I was watching a YouTube Video of Srikumar Rao and he was discussing how to be happy.  He went on to state that we often put all our efforts in the outcome instead of the process.  But the interesting point is that we do not have control over the outcomes.  However, we do have control over the actions we take.  It is when we give our best at achieving what we want, more often than not, we will have a positive outcome.

Life is a journey.  Everything we do, see, and including what we think is a journey.  If you are at work complaining about your job, that is a journey.  If you watch 2-3 hours of television, that too is a journey.  The bigest question to ask yourself, “Is this the journey I want.”  Once we start making different choices in what we think, what we say and what we do, we are almost guaranteed to experience more outcomes that are to our liking.

With peace and gratitude,

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  1. Grace Hodgin says:

    I think this is a great thought to maintain through out the day and consistently build your life through the choices made.
    Great idea!

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