Daily Positive Points – Louise Hay

Today’s Message
Repetition and practice helps us master lots of things.  That cannot be more true than for positive thinking.  If we practice it just a little every day, our outcomes will definitely be more positive.  This occurs because what we focus on expands.  As we focus on positive thoughts, the negative, self-limiting ones dissipate. 
Today’s Quote
“I discovered that learning the computer was very much like learning the Spiritual Laws.  When I learned the computer laws, then she did indeed perform ‘magic’ for me.  When I did not follow her laws to the letter, then either nothing would happen or it would not work the way I wanted it to work.  She would not give an inch.  I could get as frustrated as I wanted while she patiently waited for me to learn her laws, and then she gave me magic.  It took practice.”  You Can Heal Your Life, (Louise Hay, Author, Professional Speaker, & Publisher, b.1926)

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