Ever Feel This Way?

This morning I was sitting in the sauna and was drinking from my water bottle.  After I finished all of the water inside, I set the bottle down next to me.  After a few minutes, the bottle tipped over due to the pressure building up inside.  img_0872That got me thinking that it is very similar to dealing with anger or things that upset you.  If you do not find a way to release the negative emotions, you will literally “blow” your top because of all the pent up emotions.


Hold it up Mr Bill!

After I stepped out of the sauna and into the shower, I noticed the bottle did a 180.  It had compressed so much that it could not stand up.  This too got me thinking.  When you have negative things happen to you and you share too much with everyone else, you can easily topple over due to spreading too much negativity.  I am not saying you should not share with others.  No, not at all.  What I am saying is that you should find a balance.  Express yourself when you feel strong emotions (but do so in a positive way) and also express yourself to others when you are struggling with an issue.  Maybe they have an answer for you.  Just do not spend too much time talking about it and giving it more energy than it is worth.  Find a balance.  That is the key.

Peace and gratitude,


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  1. Carolyn Kaufman says:

    Hello Bill,

    I was refered to your site from a friend! I love it. It is aligned with where my passion guides/leads me also. I have an empowerment program for children and families called “Free to Be ME” Journeys of Empowerment. One of my stations is Observing me, right now we are doing experiements based off of Dr. Emoto’s research. They get to see how their own words/thoughts affect water. Knowing how much water their body and the earth is made up of, along with the results of their experiment; now brings significant awareness. I love to see their faces as we go through this experience. It is wonderful
    ! I love the experiment you did at the jazz festival. You are sending out beautiful ripples into the world, and at such a perfect time!! I am going to add your site to my links on my web site, do you have a specific button? When you get a chance, please check out my web site. Maybe someday we will be able to collaborate!!

    Blessings of Peace and Joy,

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