Kindness & Kids – A Great Combo

Doing acts of kindness is the key to happiness for all of us, including kids and teens.  Instead of expecting others to do things for us, why not try doing something kind for someone else?  It will do more to raise your own happiness than you can ever imagine!

We have to do more for our kids than just turn the into “receivers.”  Kids are born to be givers.  I will never forget the kind acts my son David did as a very, very young child.  He was only 3 when he gave his entire collection of hundreds of matchbox cars to his friend down the street because he didn’t have his own toys.  And once he started school, he would give all of his supplies away by the end of the first six weeks to those who needed them.  Why?  Because it made him feel good to help others.  And it still does!  Just last weekend, he and his wife volunteered for Habitat for Humanity.

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