Change Your STINKIN’ Beliefs

It is critical to change any self-limiting beliefs that you carry with you. What I have learned is that a lot of our “STINKIN” beliefs are passed down to us in the form of family, friends and things not really about us.  We can easily pick up beliefs that others held for themselves and many of those were passed down to them. It isn’t about awareness because if we were aware, we would certainly not buy into some of these.

Here is what I have learned about beliefs:
1) Beliefs are really just thoughts held to be true.
2) They are not right or wrong, true or false.
3) They are simply VERY strong OPINIONS we hold.

To eliminate those self-limiting beliefs, here are a few things that I have done that helped me get rid of them:
1) Become aware of your STINKIN’ beliefs. When you hear that little voice, ask the question, “What would I have to believe to make this true?” and “Is this belief worth changing?” If it is, continue to #2:
2) Change your thoughts. Purposefully change what you think about for the self-limiting belief. Simply re-affirm a positive belief instead. For example, Old belief: “I am a slow reader.” will change to “I AM a fast reader who comprehends everything I read.” Now, just saying those words will not change the belief so you have to go to #3.
3) Re-write or Re-program the old belief. This consists of two parts: 1) Create repetition to re-enforce the new belief and 2) Take action to help convince yourself that the new belief is true. For the reading example above, you would find resources to help you with reading. Maybe you could take a reading class, hire a reading specialist, find something on YouTube, the internet or a book store. Then create the repetition of learning and re-enforcing the new belief.
4) Change the words you use. Create powerful affirmations that support the new belief and practice several times each day. Use the words “I AM” to get maximum effect. It would look something like this: “I AM a powerful, positive person. I read fast and comprehend everything I read with ease.”

What are some of your self-limiting beliefs? Do you care to share them here? If not, please feel free to email me directly.
With peace and gratitude,

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