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Story About Bullying

Parents are often the ones to hear of a story about bullying in school, in the neighborhood, or at the park. Bullying or repeated aggression can be verbal, psychological or physical. It can take the form of name calling, teasing, hitting or picking on someone weaker. It is not a one-time aggression. It is repeatedly […]

Positive Thinking Books

  We often hear of people seeing the glass as half empty or half full. These two spell a world of difference in thinking and action, and mean the difference between positive and negative. Lots of positive thinking books written by experts in recent years offer heaps of sound advice. These positive thinking books are […]

Information About Bullying

Everyone knows someone who has either been a bully or a victim of bullying, and it’s important to review information about bullying to help stop the problem. Victims are often embarrassed or humiliated and as a result don’t report the problem, and unfortunately bullies commonly deny any involvement. You can be alert and observant to […]

Bullying for Kids

A lot of parents who are worried about their children’s behavior and well-being use the internet to look up information on bullying for kids. This article outlines the most important ideas about bullying among the youth and offers suggestions for dealing with it successfully. Firstly, no matter what kind of bullying (emotional, physical, social or […]

Bullying Books

Although most people have some experience of being bullied at school, at work or in some other place, it often happens that they are unable to help others who are dealing with the same problem. This is why it is recommendable to read bullying books in order not only to get consolation and feel less […]

Information on Bullying

There are numerous resources such as websites, books, newspapers etc. that offer a wealth of information on bullying. Although each one of us has been verbally or physically abused at one time or another, this is not considered bullying unless it is done by intent to demean. Bullying can occur in various surroundings: at home, […]

Bullying Story

If you are looking for advice on how to respond to bullying, it may be wise to read a bullying story that offers a true account of someone’s experience in this matter. It is widely known that bullying leaves a permanent mark on one’s behavior and that it can have numerous negative effects: eating and […]

Books on Bullying

The way people are treated when they are young is one of the most important factors that determine what kind of personality they will develop. If a person is verbally or physically abused, it takes a lot of time and professional assistance from psychologists for that person to get rid of the feelings of low […]

Bullying Information

Bullying is a huge problem among teenagers and it is sometimes very difficult to detect or aleviate. This article provides important bullying information that can help parents and educators notice aggressive behavior in their children or students and react correctly in order to help remedy the situation. When someone teases you, insults you or calls […]

Books About Bullying

As the number of children who are bullied in schools throughout the United States keeps rising, it becomes obvious that bullying is definitely not something that should be overlooked or ignored. Half of the student population between 4th and 10th grade claims to having been bullied, either verbally or physically, at one point while they […]