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Bullying Kids

Bullying kids can cause stress for other kids around them. They can turn a school playground into a scary event, recess time or surfing online into a negative experience for their victims. Parents should not consider this experience as a normal part of growing up because bullying affects not only the victims but also the […]

Bullying Websites for Kids

If you suspect that your child is under stress due to changes in behavior at home and at school, you may need to search for and visit some bullying websites for kids to find the real cause of the changes in his or her behavior. Bullying websites for kids feature a lot of information about […]

Books on Positive Thinking

Books on positive thinking are a great way to help individuals view themselves, their actions, and their effect on the world around them. Books on positive thinking help to open up ones feelings and understand what creates positive feelings and negative feelings, as well as the things that make a person feel positive and the […]

Self Esteem Books

Self esteem books are a great way to understand yourself and your personal level of confidence in yourself. It’s important to read self esteem books when you have difficulty being confident around others, or in certain situations that challenge your level of trust in yourself to act adequately. While self esteem books may be geared […]

Books on Forgiveness

Books on forgiveness are a great way to learn how to be more open and willing to forgive the troubles others cause you, so that you are no longer troubles, and the matter is resolved in a peaceful and appropriate way. We often find it difficult to see how someone that has crossed us in […]

Stories on Bullying

Stories on bullying are a great way to help both adults and children understand the results of their actions, or to understand the causes and contributors of the actions of others. Stories on bullying are often used to give to children who bully, to show them that their actions have unintended consequences. They also teach […]

Bullying Stories for Kids

As parents, we feel worried each time we hear of bullying, and stories for kids are a good way of helping them understand bullying. Realizing that our child or teenager can be a target for bullying at school scares us. It can be just as difficult if your child is reported to have been the […]

Forgiveness Stories

We sometimes hear of forgiveness stories regarding bullying. But how easy can it be to forgive people who helped perpetuate cruelty on others? We grow up being taught to practice cooperation, kindness, decency, compassion and compromise. If someone has shown us disrespect and cruelty, we find it hard to forgive unless they are truly sorry […]

Kids Bullying

Kids bullying one another shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as a normal part of growing up. Neither should it be treated as just a ‘harmless rite of passage’. While bullying between siblings may be harmless and playful, bullying in general can have many negative effects on both the bully and the victim, and is a serious […]

Story About Bullying

Parents are often the ones to hear of a story about bullying in school, in the neighborhood, or at the park. Bullying or repeated aggression can be verbal, psychological or physical. It can take the form of name calling, teasing, hitting or picking on someone weaker. It is not a one-time aggression. It is repeatedly […]