bonus4Last summer after baseball season was over, I was helping my awesome nephew with his baseball skills.  I am a firm believer that baseball, or any sport for that matter, requires as much mental preparation as does physical preparation.  As a result, I created a book for him to write down quotes, set goals, etc.  One of the things I developed during my work with him was “ICICIW” approach to accomplishing tough goals.

It goes something like this when faced with a monumental goal:

  1. First you think, “I can’t.” – (IC)
  2. You then must change that thinking to “I Can.” (IC)  Obviously having an “I Can” attitude is a ton better than “I Can’t” but stating and believing that way is still in future tense.
  3. To accomplish that tough goal, you take the next step, “I WILL.”  (IW)

Isn’t it true that our first thought is that we can’t do something.  Then we start working on it and when things start going well, we think we can do it.  However, taking the leap from “I Can’t” to “I Will” is pretty far to take for most people.  Affirming that “I Will” can actually have a negative impact on meeting your goals when you do not BELIEVE it.

It’s simple to accomplish that goal, (being a starter on the basketball team, making the volleyball team, or being a starting pitcher for the baseball/softball team), start with “I Can” and affirm it until you BELIEVE it.  Then change your affirmations to “I WILL” as soon as you feel a shift that it can be accomplished.

With peace and gratitude,

stinkin-thinkin-stinks-bookAll winners from the STINKIN’ THINKIN’ STINKS drawings have been notified via email.  They each have 7 days to confirm receipt of the winning email notification or new names will be drawn in their place.  After confirmation occurs with all the winners, I will post the names (initials) of each of the winners on my blog.  CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!!!

Thank you so very much for helping me get the book to be a best seller on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

With total gratitude,

Bullying kids can cause stress for other kids around them. They can turn a school playground into a scary event, recess time or surfing online into a negative experience for their victims. Parents should not consider this experience as a normal part of growing up because bullying affects not only the victims but also the bullying kids and even the bystanders or witnesses to bullying.

Bullying has been linked to serious health and behavioral issues including personal negative behavior and negative thoughts and feelings. It is important that parents learn to teach their kids the proper way to deal with bullying kids just like they teach their kids the other social skills as they grow up.

Parents can help kids learn how to deal with bullying if it happens. The first step would be to develop the kid’s awareness that bullying can be real, in order to understand why it happens and how to properly deal with bullying kids. The following are some of the lessons to discuss with your kids:

  • Talk about bullying – What is it? Occasional teasing can be embarrassing but not bullying. Let some family members share their experiences and how they dealt with the situation.

  • Keep calm and ignore bullying kids – It may be tempting to retaliate but advise kids not to fight back because it will just lead to more violence. Don’t cry because the bullying kids will see it as a sign of success. Just walk away but be sure to report the incident to a person of authority or any trusted adult.

  • Have a buddy – it’s not an act of cowardice but it’s best to have a buddy in the playground, locker room, hallway and other areas where bullying are known to happen

  • Report bullying teachers – Some teachers can be bullies. Teach your kids that it’s not acceptable and that you will help in reporting it to the school authorities.

Awareness and the proper reaction are two of the important countermeasures against bullying kids.

If you suspect that your child is under stress due to changes in behavior at home and at school, you may need to search for and visit some bullying websites for kids to find the real cause of the changes in his or her behavior.

Bullying websites for kids feature a lot of information about bullying. Some websites use video clips to show ways to deal with bullies on various situations.

Bullying websites for kids feature kids-friendly articles and video clips to educate both mothers and children on the best way to deal with bullying such as the following:

  • What is bullying, as explained by professionals – bullying among girls, among boys, among teenagers and other groups.
  • Separate information that can be used by teachers and parents to educate kids about bullying.

There are certain factors that increase the risk of some individuals to being bullied or to bully others. Some of the risk factors include: having physical or intellectual disabilities or being perceived as weak, socially isolated, or socially different. A kid’s race could also put him or her at a higher risk for bullying.

  • Warning Signs

Many bullying websites for kids feature the various warning signs that a child could be a bullying victim, a bully or a witness to a bullying incident. The signs differ depending on various circumstances. It is important that parents and teachers recognize the signs and know how to dig deeper to determine the truth because surveys show that majority children don’t like to talk about being a bully or a bullying victim.

  • Effects of Bullying

Bullying websites for kids provide parents and teachers with reliable information. Awareness of bullying is one of the social skills that parents should equip their children with before allowing them to interact with other kids in the playground, in preschool and online.

Books on positive thinking are a great way to help individuals view themselves, their actions, and their effect on the world around them. Books on positive thinking help to open up ones feelings and understand what creates positive feelings and negative feelings, as well as the things that make a person feel positive and the things that don’t.


Too often individuals, both children and adults, don’t realize that their negative thinking leads to negative actions, which lead to further negative thinking, until something causes the awareness in the individual of this cycle. It’s important for everyone to know that one can change their entire world by thinking positively, by paying attention to how your thoughts make you feel, and correcting them to look for positive things around you instead of negative things, and to have a positive attitude, such as aspirations and a positive outlook on life as it is now and will be in the future. Books on positive thinking help to demonstrate numerous different examples of where you can think more positively in certain areas, as well as examples of how things effect you, and how you effect things.


Books on positive thinking are a great gift for anyone, even those who already have a positive attitude toward life, as it can help to reaffirm their views, and give them new inspiration, and new wisdom to give to others who may be looking for answers. Books on positive thinking should be read by both adults and children, as it is great for children to understand what causes the things around them, as well as adults who have had troubled childhoods for lack of understanding these things, that has created trouble in their adulthood.

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Self esteem books are a great way to understand yourself and your personal level of confidence in yourself. It’s important to read self esteem books when you have difficulty being confident around others, or in certain situations that challenge your level of trust in yourself to act adequately. While self esteem books may be geared towards children or adults, it is often the value of the information that is what one should look for in selecting a good book. The information in any self esteem book still applies to both children and adults, as the general causes of self esteem problems are common across all age groups.

If you have self esteem problems, and would like to choose the right self esteem books for you, start by reading excerpts from popular books on the internet, or reading words from the author about how the book is intended to help. Authors often will publish short sections about what their purpose is, and the methods they advocate for the individual reader to relate to what is being discussed, and apply it to themselves.

Choosing a good author should be based upon any number of factors, including but not limited to recommendations and references of that author by friends family or colleagues, or in the form of testimonials by other people that have selected works from that particular author. Testimonials are often one of the best indicators of the simplicity of the information and the effectiveness of incorporating their message into your daily life, and your thoughts and actions. In addition, it is also important to note that as with any information to improve yourself, whether stated or not, it is necessary to apply the information by practicing it in thought, and action.

Books on forgiveness are a great way to learn how to be more open and willing to forgive the troubles others cause you, so that you are no longer troubles, and the matter is resolved in a peaceful and appropriate way. We often find it difficult to see how someone that has crossed us in some way should be forgiven, and hold ourselves responsible for condemning their trespasses, through our own thoughts. What we don’t realize when we do this, is that it is us who cause grief for ourselves by holding onto the feeling that the offender needs to be opposed in our thoughts, in order for their wrong actions to be properly given justice. Books on forgiveness show the simple truth that justice for wrong actions doesn’t come from those actions having an effect, it comes from those actions having no effect on us at all. Books on forgiveness teach us that holding onto opposing thoughts of a persons actions against us leads us to act on our thoughts, to give ourselves justice. It is important for any individual that commits a crime against someone to be held responsible if it causes a real effect that cannot simply be forgiven, however it is never good to hold someone responsible for something that has only hurt us personally and is easy for us to move on, and not let effect our lives in any real way. Letting go frees us from what was done, whereas holding on can lead to further trouble that is unnecessary, and even further negative action on our part as a result of holding those thoughts in mind. It is never good to create a negative effect in the world, especially as a result of a negative effect created on us. Only through knowing it is positive to not hold onto negative effects on our lives can we not be effected by negative things done to us by others.

Stories on bullying are a great way to help both adults and children understand the results of their actions, or to understand the causes and contributors of the actions of others. Stories on bullying are often used to give to children who bully, to show them that their actions have unintended consequences. They also teach children that bullying is a result of imbalances in the bully’s life, that can often be remedied by seeking the appropriate care of others where it is needed, or creating outlets for growing and learning where they are missing in the bully’s life, causing frustration at their lack of ability to express themselves, and feel the enjoyment of doing something positive themselves, and experiencing the positive results of their actions. The majority of the time, when a child bullies another child, it is due to frustration from lack of ability to feel good about themselves, or alternatively from some effect in their life that makes them feel bad about themselves.

Helping a child that is bullied by giving them stories on bullying is a great way to help them to see the situation from multiple perspectives. Stories on bullying can show a child why bullies act the way they do, including why they are effective when bullying as a result of the reaction of the child being bullied. Their ability to successfully effect the other person is the reason they persist in bullying, as a result of the successful outcome of their actions in the form of a diminished self view of the victim, that reinforces the imagined justification of how the other child feels.

The best way to counteract bullying itself is to simply effect parents to understand the value of parenting, and the value of ensuring their children do not have imbalances, by seeing how those imbalances effect other areas in the childs life until they are corrected, as well as how those imbalances accumulate in society.

As parents, we feel worried each time we hear of bullying, and stories for kids are a good way of helping them understand bullying. Realizing that our child or teenager can be a target for bullying at school scares us. It can be just as difficult if your child is reported to have been the bully. Bullying stories for kids can be beneficial in understanding the problems and solutions, so many schools have decided to take measures to address the problem that is often a daily occurrence in their own school.

If you feel the need to seek help outside the school or if you are a bully victim who is hesitant to tell your parents or school authorities about your problem, you can search for bullying stories for kids online. Many websites offer valuable information and you can also find dedicated discussion board threads of a community of people who seek help, and to offer help with the same problem you are having. This can be your support group.

Parents can help end or lessen the problems associated with bullying by monitoring if their children are possibly being bullied or if they are the ones doing the bullying. Their children’s use of technology, whether internet or other devices, should also be checked regularly, to avoid bad influences that may lead to behavior problems, including cyber bullying.